Second! It’s Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle. Poor Twilight! #mlp #lbcc @longbeach_cc (at Long Beach Comic Con)

It’s a My Little Pony sketchcover! Rainbow Dash is doin’ alright, but poor Twilight, she’s just hangin’. #mlp #rainbowdash #twilightsparkle #sketchcover (at Atomicfoxtail Studios)

The print for this year’s #SDCC. Sister for sale by Andy Price and @katiecandraw. Brilliance! #mlp #sisters (at San Diego Comic Con International)

Twilight Sparkle: CowgirlThe most excellent @tombancroft1 posted one of his latest pieces on deviantArt, a coolie cowgirl, and he’s let us all have at it for coloring, so as the first thing after my DMCA-induced break, this is a good place to get back into...