I think I do some pretty nifty stuff with art and design. Posters. Brochures. Websites. Logos. And then there all the coloring and drawing. You name it, I’m ready to help! (27 years of experience helps too…) I’m ready to help you run with whatever you need to make your creative what it should be. And I’ll be sure to add a dash of crazy just for good measure. Your next piece of great creative is waiting.

Here’s a list of some of the things that I can do to help you with your media project.


Need an artist? Looking for someone to write? Look no further. I can help you develop your ideas into something special.


Art all done? Need someone to add some color to your world? My comicolorist services may be the thing for you!

Graphic Design

Need some help with graphic design? Looking for a logo? Need a website? I can help with all of these and more!

Event Services

Got a convention you’re prepping for? Need a seasoned convention manager with over 15 years of con experience? Look no further!

Comic Colorist for Rent or Long Term Lease

Got a comics project and you’re looking for a colorist? Look no further! I’ve had some great experiences working on a wide range of projects, big and small. If you’re looking for some economical help with your coloring project, I’m ready to help. My per page rates are competitive and I’m ready to work with you to make sure you get a great comics project as a result.

To see some of my work, check out some of the images below or download the latest version of my Comicolorist Portfolio to the right.

If you’d like to know more about how I can help with your project, send me an email to

𝕏: tekitsune

𝕏: tekitsuneART