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Welcome to tekitsuneART

Greetings! Welcome to tekitsuneART, the place where you can find all the artstuffs you want from artist and colorist Tomoshige Gyōji. Come on in and take a look around. I’m glad you’re here.

If you want to get any help with your comics or media project, give me a holler. I’m here to help make your project a success.


And then followed it up with this sassy gal. Classic #harleyquinn with a new hairstyle. @longbeach_cc #copics (at Long Beach Comic Con)

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One of the things I colored with the COPICs today. #spidergwen @longbeach_cc #copics (at Long Beach Comic Con)

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Glad I brought my blank Spider-Gwen sketch covers. Got a commission for Tesseract Gwen. Woo! @longbeach_cc #spidergwen #commissions (at Long Beach Comic Con)

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Mostly set up. Just need to bring the rest of the art and merch. @longbeach_cc Are we ready? See you all in the AM. #ItsConTime (at Long Beach Comic Con)

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