Candy Cane Girl

Here’s something different. This is a surrealistic piece for one of my painting classes: the Candy Cane Girl. Way out there…

We had to do a few different things with this piece. We had to 1) change the typical context for something, 2) change the physical laws of something, and 3) change the texture of something to the texture of something else. We also had the option to add in some skewed scale as well.

What that explanation of the requirements, I have a combination of things here. We have the candy cane girl, holding the sun with her candy cane left hand, while her broken off and smaller right arm is inside the box, being licked by the sun. The right side of the box is also an opening into the sun, where the right hand is reaching inside.

Like I said, waaaaaay out there. Trippy.

I’m not the best painter out there, but this one turned out pretty decent.

Oil on canvas board.