Final colors! Here’s the actual final version of my Spider-Gwen Finds the Tesseract piece. Many thanks to @hendoart for posing for the great photo at WonderCon that I based this off of. #SpiderGwen #tesseract (at Atomicfoxtail Studios)

Done! Spider-Gwen colors are finished up. Inspired by the great cosplay by @hendoart. #SpiderGwen #art #colors (at Atomicfoxtail Studios)

Ah, the pains of minute details in art. Drawing the texture on #SpiderGwen’s costume with my @Wacom Cintiq. #art (at Atomicfoxtail Studios)

Coloring in progress… So nice to have the Cintiq back. #SpiderGwen (at Atomicfoxtail Studios)

Spent the evening watching old Mad Men episodes and adding to an ancient pile of buttons with some fresher artstuffs. #buttons #artistalleyprep (at Atomicfoxtail Studios)