Zenki Running

While I was in the Philippines, I had been subjected to the infectious insanity of the anime series Zenki. It was an interesting series that all the anime loving folk that I knew there just loved to bits. It had been dubbed in Tagalog and used some of the deepest, most obscure Tagalog words ever. (I’m amazed that anyone knew what poor Zenki was saying. His dialog was WAY over the top.)

I was at a friend’s house one night and the kids wanted me to draw something. One of them tossed me a little card with a a pict of Zenki on it. I looked at the card for a bit and then drew this. Normally it takes me forever to draw something like this, but I was able to get this one out pretty quick.

I drew this back in 1996. It just kinda sat around on my hard drive forever, until recently when I decided to clean up the file and finally color it. This is how it turned out. Not bad for something that’s almost 20 years old.