Anaheim, Here I Come!

Anaheim, Here I Come!

Hi there everyone! It’s been a few years since I’ve been able to head off to a convention. I’ll be heading off to Anaheim, CA tonight for WonderCon in sunny (hopefully?) Southern California. I’m looking forward to seeing some friends, learning...

Special effects +1! This is @hendoart as Spider-Gwen on Sunday afternoon at #WonderCon 2015. This photo was just screaming “enhance me!” so I added some Tesseract effects to the cube. Enjoy!

Inking while waiting for my ride to the airport. My Bellbottoms Warrior Girl is done. #WonderCon #Inking #art (at Hilton Anaheim)

Well, #WonderCon, it’s been real. Let’s do it again next year! (at Hilton Anaheim)

Doodle while sitting in the panel on Children’s Writing and Illustration, I ended up with this dragon-pony hybrid. Yes, it’s been a long weekend. No, I haven’t been on anything. 🙂 #pony #dragon #WonderCon #doodle (at Anaheim Convention...