One of the things I colored with the COPICs today. #spidergwen @longbeach_cc #copics (at Long Beach Comic Con)

Glad I brought my blank Spider-Gwen sketch covers. Got a commission for Tesseract Gwen. Woo! @longbeach_cc #spidergwen #commissions (at Long Beach Comic Con)

Spider-Gwen Sketchcover inks. #spidergwen #sketchcover (at Atomicfoxtail Studios)

Last set of prints for @longbeach_cc, courtesy of @vistaprint. The 11×17 and 5×7 Spider-Gwen prints! Sweet lookin’! #prints #spidergwen (at Atomicfoxtail Studios)

Final colors! Here’s the actual final version of my Spider-Gwen Finds the Tesseract piece. Many thanks to @hendoart for posing for the great photo at WonderCon that I based this off of. #SpiderGwen #tesseract (at Atomicfoxtail Studios)