First sketch of the con! Done while waiting for the first panel of the day. Nothing special. Just a random elf girl. #sketch #elf #female #sdcc (at San Diego Comic-Con 2015)

Mystery Elf A mysterious elf girl from my webcomic Beyond Neverwonder.

This was a bit of silliness at SDCC 1998. I was there with the Elfquest crew and I had gone out to dinner with EQ artist Lorraine Reyes (now McLees) and we ended up at this nice little Italian place in the Gaslamp Quarter. And there was paper covering the table....

The REAL Skyfall Some old Elfquest roleplaying art. This is my character Skyfall. (WAY before anything 007 was even thought of.) This was circa 1992 and is the source of the name for my media company, Skyfall Communications.