Red 300

So this is like a horrible mash up of things… We had to do a “mixed media” piece for my Digital Painting class. It had to have computer generated “painting” and tradition media pieces melded together. And when it was asked if we could use old work that we had done and combine those, he said that was ok.


So we head toward the Battle of Thermopylae in which the 300 Spartans (and the other small armies of Greece) take on the Persian Armies of tens of thousands. I took a comic book approach to it (like usual) and came up with this.

I took my old oil painting and my computer colored drawing of the Oni Link and converted him into a Spartan fighter. I took a pile of things: paint splatters, grunge stuff, pictures of clouds… all mushed together to create this pile of chaos.

Red. And bloody.

Teacher wasn’t too keen on it, but then he had little to say beyond making the birds in the background bigger… every time he looked at it. So I’ll take what I can get.

Oil, digital and more

The full size version can be found here on my deviantART page.

11" x 14.75"

Art by Me