This was the crazy idea I had when I saw the @sketch_dailies theme yesterday. It’s kinda rough, but it’s the #BraveLittleToaster, on the prowl. #how #indian #brave #sketch_dailies (at Atomicfoxtail Studios)

First set of Long Beach Comic Con prints arrived. #prints (at Atomicfoxtail Studios)

Latest on Spider-Gwen. Flats are in. Need to work on a background. Then shading is next. #WiP #SpiderGwen (at Atomicfoxtail Studios)

So, is it bad that 8 feet of banner doesn’t even fit vertically inside my apartment? 🙂 Can’t wait for Long Beach Comic Con! #banner (at Atomicfoxtail Studios)

So long, San Diego. Let’s do it again some time! #sdcc #GoodTimes (at San Diego Convention Center)